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Match Report: NDYAL U13 Cup Final – Cogenhoe vs. Bugbrooke St Michael Black

In a thrilling encounter that had spectators on the edge of their seats, Cogenhoe emerged as the victors in the NDYAL U13 Cup final, defeating Bugbrooke St Michael Black in a tense penalty shootout. The match showcased exceptional skill, determination, and some standout performances from both teams.

The game started with both sides displaying their intent to win the prestigious trophy, Cogenhoe United dominated the first quarter but unable to find a goal Bugbrooke’s tenacity was demonstrated in the last ten minutes of the first half leaving the Cogenhoe fans thankful that both teams returned to the changing room at HT tied at 0-0. Cogenhoe made their presence known early in the second half when Modechai Lokaya embarked on a powerful run towards the Bugbrooke goal. With unwavering determination, Lokaya unleashed a driving shot that found the back of the net, setting the tone for an enthralling contest. Cogenhoe took the lead, 1-0.

Bugbrooke, however, refused to be discouraged and launched a spirited comeback. They showed their prowess with a sensational free-kick that left the Cogenhoe goalkeeper rooted to the spot. The unstoppable strike found its way into the net, drawing the score level at 1-1. The game intensified as both teams pushed for a winner, with end-to-end action keeping the fans thoroughly entertained. Harry Mansfield’s perfectly timed challenge in the box had the Bugbrooke fans shouting for a penalty but the referees position deemed the tackle legal and to the dismay of the Bugbrooke fans awarded a goal kick. The defences continued to stand firm, denying any further goals. As the final whistle blew, the scoreboard remained unchanged, and the match headed into penalties.

Cogenhoe’s nerves of steel were evident as they converted eight of their penalties flawlessly. Bugbrooke St Michael Black fought valiantly but fell short, missing their final kick, handing Cogenhoe the victory by a margin of 8-7 on penalties.

Throughout the game, Cogenhoe demonstrated exceptional teamwork and leadership, led by their captain, Charlie Clarke. Clarke’s ability to rally his teammates whilst displaying empathy for his opposition drew admiration from both sets of parents. Additionally, the defensive prowess of Harry Mansfield proved crucial in thwarting Bugbrooke’s attacking threats, while Treasure Shezi’s midfield presence provided stability and creativity in equal measure.

A special mention must be made of Sam Munyaradzi, whose aggressive defensive displays disrupted Bugbrooke’s rhythm time and again. Munyaradzi’s tenacity and determination were key in breaking down the opposition’s attacks and ensuring Cogenhoe’s resilience at the back.

The NDYAL U13 Cup final was a showcase of talent, determination, and passion from both teams. Cogenhoe emerged as worthy winners, displaying excellent teamwork, strong leadership, and standout individual performances. Congratulations to Cogenhoe on their victory, and commiserations to Bugbrooke St Michael Black for their valiant efforts in an enthralling final.

Report and photos kindly supplied by Steve Whitehead.



A big well done and thank you from myself and the club for this superb achievement. Here’s to more success in the future to all the boys in the U13 squad.

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