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MK Veterans League

Division 3

Upper Heyford vs Cogenhoe United

Sunday 9th April 2023

Kick-off 10.30.


After not playing for 3 weeks before last Sunday’s game, Cogenhoe were able to blow away the cobwebs with a fine 5-1 home win against Wingrave. (Doni Reed, Sam Duggan, Dan Duggan, Steve Carroll and Ollie Reynolds with the goals). When I say home win, it didn’t quite seem like the lads were playing at home after having to move to another pitch away from Compton Park with the back pitch unplayable, it ended up being a bit of a jaunt around Northampton until finally getting a pitch on the Racecourse via Abington Park. The plus four goals in the game gives the Cooks a 69 goal difference in Division 3 which is 47 more goals than the next best team. Last weeks win takes Cogenhoe onto 50 league points needing only 7 more from the 6 games still to be played.

Upper Heyford are this week’s opponents and are currently 10th in the league having acquired 7 points from their last 3 games. In total for the season, Upper Heyford have played 18 games, winning 5, drawing 3 with 10 defeats having scored 27 goals and conceded 35. In the previous game between the two sides, Cooks ran out 11-0 winners.


Cogenhoe will be looking for their 17th league win of the season in this game and looking to add to the 81 goals scored so far. A bit of a small squad is all that is available this week.


Next game.

MK Veterans Cup


Cogenhoe vs O.N. Chenecks

Compton Park

Sunday 16th April 2023

Kick-off 10.30.


Squad vs Upper Heyford

Sam Duggan

Ricky Smith

Ollie Reynolds

Doni Reed

Dan Hanger

Dan Duggan

Gary Duggan

Steve Carroll

Stuart Schofield

Paul Carroll

Craig Smith

Lee Haines

Cormac Hammil

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